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We offer interior and exterior cladding management, a facade is generally one exterior side ⁄ wall of the building usually but not always the front side and it literally means "Frontage or Face of the building".
In architecture world ,the facade of a building is often most important aspects from a design point of view .From engineering perspective ,it has great importance due to its impact on various fronts and parameters i.e : Shielding it from harsh weather ,Pollution ,Acid rains and smog , Day night temperature and has great role on saving of energy ,keeping the building warm & cool and most of the time acts as protective shield from heat & rain .
Building Facade started its journey years back in 807 B.C in Japan where wooden logs were used as facade material and travelled to most of the world and used local building material as clay, lime, and wood and stone to create facade.
The Prominent facade material were clay ,wood and stone .Glass also started making inroad by 1800 Century in Europe .Most of the world’s popular buildings have best facade designs and one of the reasons for its popularity .
Pyramids of Egypt, Most of the Roman Buildings, Red fort in Delhi, Taj Mahal at Agra and Hawamahal at Jaipur, Parliament Building at Delhi, India Gate at Delhi and Gateway of India at Mumbai, Lotus temple in Delhi are one of the best examples of great facade designs.
If you consider the life of the buildings mentioned above, their facade designs had played vital role in its life with various in built features.

With Inception of Modern technology in building construction, stone and glass took important position as preferred facade material and stayed for long period in 1900 century. With help of western designs and space crunch in major cities, Natural Stone, Glass and aluminium composite panel has got favoured as preferred facade material and as on date most preferred material.
Most of the architects were still looking for substitute for ACP and stone as facade material due to its limitation on various parameters and short span of life.
Europe took initiative and a new concept of Zinc Titanium metallic sheets for facade cladding and roofing.
Apart from "Green" malleable, can be formed in any complexed curve and shape, ease of designing, it has got some wonderful properties in natural shades like self-cleaning, self-healing, and most importantly maintenance free for life span of 100+ years!

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"Our designs are sensitive to practical site conditions, inspired by architectural theory and historical contexts and purpose, built for the end user."
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Arranging Soil Testing of the site.
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