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We offer the most complete home and building management system automation or automatic control is the use of various control systems for operating equipment such as machinery, processes in factories, switching in telephone networks, steering and stabilization of ships, aircraft and other applications with minimal or reduced human intervention. Somfy with 40 years of experience automates all window coverings and access controls for homes, hotels, commercial buildings, malls and infrastructural spaces. It is the world leader in automation for both interior and exterior applications: Roller Shutter, Awning, Gate Opener, Blind, Curtain, Projection Screen and Window Openers & etc. with the key objectives of energy savings, comfort and wellbeing.
We recommend and supply Somfy motorization components with or without all automated blinds & curtains. As with Somfy, you can bring all the openings in your home to life. With Home Motion by Somfy move the openings in your house to make life easier, safer, and more comfortable. For example with just ‘touch of a button’ you can adjust any or all of the blinds in your home, close garage door from the car. Motorized Projection Screens automated, powered push-button, can be coordinated with lighting and motorized window coverings for the perfect movie. There are 3 different types of motorization available depending on our needs: Battery operated which Eliminates the need for any hard wiring, Altus LS 40 hard wired Involves hard wiring with a wall mounted control, Altus RTS 40 remote operated, Involves hard wiring with a remote Operated control.
Motorized System with its smooth operation, the gate lasts longer, improve home security. Once gate is closed, it locks and resists any attempt to force them open preventing unwanted entry into your property. In case of power cut, it can be operated with the manual override system or the battery back-up. Semi-automatic Mode, You can open and close your gate using a remote control. Automatic Mode, You can open your gate with your remote control and have it close automatically after entering your home. Pedestrian Mode, Have the option of opening just one side of the gate, to enables pedestrians through.

Remote Controls: Our remote controls have been designed with flair and come in a range of colors to suit every décor! Telis remotes also come with a convenient and discreet wall mount, meaning you will always be able to find your remote when you want it. With a range of 200 metres in open space, or around 20 metres through two reinforced concrete walls, you can operate your Somfy motor from anywhere in the home. For your convenience, Somfy Telis remotes come with either 1channel (Able to control one motor or one group of motors together) or 4 channels (With 4 individual channels for one motor or group of motors, Somfy Telis 4 Channel remotes have a 5th channel perfect for using as a group channel for all your motors) and for ultimate control the Telis Composio and Impresario feature 20 channels and an easy to use LCD screen.
Smoove: Wireless switch to complement your interiors. The new wall mounted switches from Somfy comes in 27 different combinations. With its smart design it fits well with all types of décor. Aesthetics, Long battery life, No cabling required, Can be used along with a remote control.
Motorized Blinds need precise tilting control of blind slats, effortless, comfortable, energy efficient and add an element of convenience and luxury to any interior space, take all of the benefits of traditional blinds to the next level. You no longer have to spend your time adjusting heavy blinds or reach over furniture to eliminate glare, simply press a button or create a schedule so that motorized blinds operate automatically. A variety of control options to suit any preference and also has styles and colors for every décor type. Somfy motors can be used to motorize the majority of blinds available. Whether it's a Roller, Duets Venetian, Pleated or Roman.
Glydea: The best for curtain automation, Motorized curtains are now a part of every home looking for convenience and comfort. With Glide, experience curtain automation at its best through its unique design and functions. Sleek design, canceled behind the fabric, Silent operations, below 44 dBa., Pull the curtain once, it will move on its own. It is designed for all types of curtains (pleated, ripple fold etc) up to 100kg.
Operate the curtains manually in case of a power cut. To fit in every design, with Somfy Glydea system, you can open your automated curtain from the centre or from any side, on straight or curved tracks, for every type of fabric, discreet installation of your automated curtain with the option to mount the motor in the false ceiling. It is aesthetic. Design hides the cabling and protects the connectors and the control modules inside the motor, reduces gap light to the rail design and the swivel ceiling brackets, adjustable limits, to allow the curtain to fall nicely. It has high flexibility, components to adapt to different types of curtains, plug in modules for a large range of control system.
Sonesse: designed for acoustic comfort, Sonesse makes silence the new standard in automation. Use Sonesse with automated blinds, you won’t even realize that they are moving. For comfort at home, silent operation below 44 dBa, Sonesse, is the best motorization available today designed for all types of blinds i.e. roller, roman, Venetian etc. and compatible with multiple control technologies.

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