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House Renovation

"We offer complete house renovating services in the country, from landscaping, entrance, facade, elevation, kitchen, living room, & bathroom remodelling."

architecture design

"We offer the most comprehensive design for People and environment. Sustainability is the core of our philosophy. This can be defined as responsible architecture - architecture that honours the client, the people who will use the building, the community and the earth as a whole."


"We offer the best design and manufacturing of furniture in the country to make the house or, office suitable for living as per customize need, space and budget."

About MDA Inc.

The MDA INC. has its Head Office in New Delhi. The MDA INC. has associates like Hunter Douglas, VMZINC and Somfy who have manufacturing and assembly plants and marketing organizations in more than 70 countries. The MDA INC. portfolio includes high-profile projects around the world, from retail corporate and commercial facilities to major transit centres and public spaces to hospitality, health care, and educational/governmental building. Read more

What We Do

"Our designs are sensitive to practical site conditions, inspired by architectural theory and historical contexts and purpose, built for the end user."
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Project Management
We offer Project management consultancy by providing the following services:
Arranging Soil Testing of the site.
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Building Renovation
We offer A to Z of renovating an old building by taking care of Comfort of the occupants, HVAC, Kitchen, Bathroom, Plumbing, Electrical.
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Leading the way in building and civil construction

What We Do

Interior & Exterior Cladding
We offer interior and exterior cladding management, a facade is generally one exterior Side ⁄ Wall of the building usually but not always the front side and it literally means "Frontage or Face of the building".
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Home and Building Management System
We offer the most complete home and building management system automation or automatic control is the use of various control systems.
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Windows Shades
We offer elite solution for window shades windows covering and motorization there are many different kinds of window blinds which use a variety of control systems.
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